The Cartrom Customer Service standard regardless of your location.

Being a Cartrom Corporate Client means being able to count on the company’s Customer Service standard at all production units, designed to meet the unique needs of your business.

It means taking advantage of Cartrom’s structure at strategic geographic points for your business, a crucial differential for guaranteeing that your products are where you need them to be, at the right time. Whether through its product line or integrated services, Cartrom seeks to offer global solutions to ensure that your corporation is increasingly competitive.

Become a Cartrom Corporate Client. And count on us wherever you need us.


Cartrom Customer Service
Standard of Excellence

Cartrom has adapted to the constant changes of an extremely competitive market and increasingly prepares its employees to provide superb customer service through high quality information, promptness and cordiality.

External Customer Service

Sales Consultant

Present at the client's facilities and linked to Cartrom, the Sales Consultant is always ready to meet the customer's needs at the speed expected in order to merge the customer's expectation with Cartrom's technical capacities.

Internal Customer Service

Accounts Assistant

Upon contacting Cartrom the customer will be promptly assisted by an Accounts Assistant, who offers support with day-to-day operations. From answering a simple question to developing an entire project, Cartrom's Internal Customer Service is always ready to help you find the best solution.