Cartrom Embalagens develops actions geared toward socio-environmental responsibility, generating benefits and security for all those involved. This includes clients, suppliers and service providers, as well as employees, shareholders, the government, environment and even the surrounding community itself.

The company’s socioenvironmental policy is sustained by the procedures of the ISO 9001:2000, a certification that the company obtained in May 2001.

For 2007, the company’s goal is to obtain the ISO 14.000 certification, which focuses on environmentally-related issues. Aligned with the other actions focused on the topic, the company has demonstrated a maturity and guaranteed the evolution of its entire management process.

Cartrom understands that socioenvironmental responsibility means being aligned with the country’s social and environmental development, seeking to generate positive effects and important changes that improve the quality of life of all Brazilians.

Socioenvironmental Impact Monitoring Table


Raw Materials



  100% recycled corrugated cardboard.
Trimmings, scraps of cardboard sheets.
Collection of material by a specialized company with an environmental license.
  Plant Dust
Non-harmful to health and filtered using personal protection equipment and applying Norms NR 6, 7 and 9.
  Paint Does not generate waste, since its formulation is water-based without the presence of heavy metals.
After the expiration date, it is returned to the supplier for reprocessing and then re-sent to us at a later date.
  Glue Does not produce waste.
  Wood Pallets
Broken pallets
They are returned to the supplier for repair.
Plastic scraps
Collection of material by a specialized company with an environmental license.
  Organic Debris
Cafeteria food leftovers
  Machinery Noise Machinery maintenance plan -
NR 7 and 9

Campanhas Sociais

Understanding the need to contribute to a better Brazil, Cartrom Packaging began a community awareness program in 2002 in the cities of Curitiba (PR) and Novo Hamburgo (RS), the locations of the company’s two Business Units. As part of the program, the company holds periodic events designed to assist children between the ages of 0 and 14.

Warm a Child

The winter campaign Warm a Child is fruit of the desire to minimize the basic needs of children between 0 and 12 years old who are victims of social exclusion. The campaign promoted the donation of blankets for needy institutions and demonstrated the solidarity and commitment of Cartrom employees for social causes.

This is a special program developed with the objective of providing the children of the employees and children invited from select institutions the opportunity to participate in a party to celebrate Children’s Day. In this event, the children participate in a contest to create the Cartrom Christmas card, designed by painting on corrugated paper.