Cartrom offers the total or partial supply of the entire line of packaging materials requested by its clients through strategic alliances with the manufacturers of related materials.

This process guarantees reduced costs due to high volume orders, which in turn is passed on to customers.

The integration promoted by the Supply Line reaffirms Cartrom’s commitment to the global supply of all industrial packaging systems required for product protection through cost-efficient and intelligent solutions to ensure improved logistics process performance.

The Supply Line offers the following benefits:

Reduced supplier portfolio

Easier negotiation process

Optimized financial resources

Adjustment of purchase scale to real demand

Materials Sold:

Alveolar Polypropylene (Plastionda)

EPE (expanded polyethylene)

Bubble plastic

Smooth plastics (virgin and recovered)

VCI plastics (volatile corrosion inhibitor)

Compacted paper tubes and corner pieces

Wood structures

Supply Line:efficiency for your business,
peace of mind for you.